15 Best free apps for your Ipad

The iPad was designed to have the whole world in a small rectangular space; it is a utility for the working class. The apps world for Apple's device is growing bigger by the day. Just owing an iPad is not enough. You need to equip your iPad with the right kind of apps if you wish to optimize its usage. iPads apps can greatly improve the features and capabilities of your feature-rich gadget. The fact that most of the best apps for the iPad are available for free makes it more compelling to download and install them.

Here is a brief preview of 15 best free apps for your iPad.

1. Mint
Users are interested by the app that allows one to view how they can manage their finances. Mint allows you to create and manage your account, follow your personal budgets and view spending through navigable monthly graphical representations. All you need is an account and a PIN to log in and secure your info.

2. Facebook
This era is dominated by social media which makes it an offence to leave out this app. The Facebook app for your iPad is free and loaded with efficient feature enabled services that makes it quite easy to utilize as a preferred option for millions of users all over the world.

3. Dropbox
This is a simple and efficient app that helps users synchronize their data files between the iPad, phone and desktop. With the dropbox app, the iPad could actually solve all your office issues which give us access to all your data files without Wi-Fi or any internet connection.

4. PayPal
Though Mint's function is to get all your financial pass-codes in your phone and also help you manage financial accounts from there, PayPal's central goal is the same as its website's: just convert the money into zeroes and ones and purchase things electronically. The PayPal app gives you mobile access to your PayPal account. It's an easy way to always have an electronic wallet with you for online and on-site purchases.

5. Google Earth
If you happen to be a traveler, Google Earth is a beneficial app for you. It is easy to use as it requires you to simply enter any interested location details and you can easily and quickly gain access to the satellite imagery for the destination. This app adds much needed insights to your journey as a traveler.

6. Pages
Pages allow you to access word processors where you can create or edit text and presentations, while inserting images to your liking. The pages you create are compatible with an iPhone, Mac or PC and you can access the on iCloud.

7. Flipboard
This is a much need app for people who are used to getting their news from media blogs and internet. The app allows you to sign in through any social network and in a blink examines every links to the photos and stories related to your connections. It is an interesting alternative to the normal web browsing for news; this app is designed with a “magazine style” layout with a good amount of pictures to make the app more interesting. It also gives you the opportunity to customize your preferred channels and sort them down to your specific topics of interest.

8. Fab
Fab is one of the best shopping inventories that allow internet buyers to see what is trending in the stores, order via various platforms, and follow what friends have purchased when logged in via Facebook. You can also compare prices from different stores.

9. HuluPlus
This app changes the iPad into a live stream TV. It allows you to watch live programs, music and videos from archives on various platforms simultaneously. The app allows you to watch several shows on split screens though the free bundle has limited access while upgrading takes you to relentless live streaming.

10. Photoshop Touch
This is a free app from Adobe that allows you edit and add effects on images.

11. Onlive Desktop
This app lets you transfer from your PC to the iPad. You can connect to your PC through WiFi, access all documents and programs, and work on them. This free app saves you the stress of using cables to transfer files from your PC to the iPad.

12. IMDB app
This app is solely for hard core movie buffs because it allows them to watch upcoming releases, latest trailers and so on in an advanced image driven interface.

13. Crackle
Crackle will give you HQ and AirPlay support Videos. You can use your iPad to search for movies you want to watch without shelling out a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

14. Hootsuite
Hootsuite has made the universe of systems administration lovely. With this single iPad app, you can create streams of all your social networks and see them on a similar interface in an exciting way. You can then oversee all the networks from a single platform at the same time, and link messages to the network easily.

15. Evernote
Evernote is a popular app used for writing notes during meetings, lectures, seminars, name them. It has several advantages over "customary" software such as MS Word because it allows you organize your notes into notebooks instead of files.

You can paste in media such as images, recordings and videos easily and it also features cloud integration so your notes are available on the web when accessed by iPads, iPhones and PC’s. This app can also be used to record audio files.

The iPad App Store seems to get more interesting apps daily. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and enjoy free apps to the fullest.

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