20 Useful apps for business
(Edited Oct 14, 2017)


Canva is photo editing and graphic design app that lets people to make beautiful designs, selecting from higher than a million layouts, stock photos and illustrations and working with painless drag and drop tools.


Evernote keeps everything together. You are able to make notes and to-do lists, record voice memos, save photographs, scan sketches and documents and share everything with co-workers and family.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan use your mobile phone as a scanning device in your pocket to scan invoices and documents on the run and export these to PDF files.

When I Work

When I Work is effective online staff scheduling apps. Send out the timetable to employee as a text message. Even built in 2-way text messaging that allows staff to accept available shifts and demand their timetable via text message. Activate Attendance and allow your employees utilize the mobile time clock to hit in using their mobile phones or setup an iPad as a terminal. Instantly see which area your staff clock in from on the map and once you evaluate the time sheets, you can complete them with the click of the button.


Makes website building easy to do, easily drag and drop images, logos, and maps into amazing web templates, then put your content. Publish your brand-new website efficiently from your tablet.


You can find out how to begin or improve your business by taking part in online events. The GoToWebinar app allows you to see and listen to webinars and be a part of them as well. You are able to hear in, get your questions answered and be a part of polls.

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is an app made by Adobe that allows you to make quick and professional-looking presentations with your iPad. It isn't as complicated as Apple's Keynote, but it provides you impressive results with the minimum amount of work. All you need to do is record your voice, put pictures, text, or icons, and Adobe Voice does the remaining.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere makes sending large data files process simple. Your recipient runs on the six-digit code to accept whichever document you send, with a 10-minute timeout without any file-size restrictions.
Wave is a free of charge, easy-to-use accounting software created mainly for small businesses, independent contractors and single business owners with less than nine employees. It allows businesses monitor expenses and revenue, take care of invoices and customer payments, pay out employees, scan invoices and create accounting reports.


Slack is instant messaging system that allows you to organize your team’s discussions into split private or public channels or send note. The application makes it fast to drag-and-drop and share pictures, PDFs and other files. In addition, it automatically indexes and archives any message, file or notification. There’s no limit to how many users your business can add.


Skype used to send photos and files of any size, share your personal computer screen, phone call up to 25 people and send texts.


TripIt will consolidates your travel programs into just one main itinerary that allow you to gain access whenever you want and on any device, no matter of the website you used to buy your ticket. Simply forward all of your travel email messages to TripIt, and the rest is done by it. You can verify departure times and delays as well, get directions to the airport terminal and even check out weather information.


CudaSign makes signatures simple. Publish a document, send it out for a scribble, and send it back to you with no peripherals required. The free version is wonderful for up to five signatures every month.


Choicemap was created to help you in making all types of decisions in your daily life, and with a large number of themes available you’re guaranteed to find precisely what you need to create your daily life off in the right path for good.


SmartUp is an app made to guide users along the way of developing their own new business. You will find more than 65,000 users of the app, which has transformed into an extremely reliable and inspiring community. Users can evaluate their past understanding of startups, observe case studies, find out about financing, find trends, find out about product development, consider sales, and a lot more.


Filemaster is recognized as the most effective file manager app for the ipad and iphone. This app lets you to open files, play video and audio files, edit files and more. You can send data files from your personal computer. Create, modify and manage folders for your files. Export and Import data files easily. It works with well-known Cloud services like Dropbox and comes with an impressive multimedia player for your MP3 data files or video data files with playback controls. The app has privacy selections to stop unwanted people from opening the app or specific data files.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is preparing to remove manual work and also help sales teams. HubSpot CRM manages all details - logging email messages, recording phone calls, and handling data - in a really user-friendly manner, consequently, releasing valuable selling efforts in the process.


RecApp is an excelled voice recording app with various useful business purposes like recording group meetings, interviewing others and documenting your opinions or thoughts. You are allowed by this app to put comments to parts of the recording, discuss your recordings with others, put instant feedback, use tags to focus on parts, modify your tags, create folders to control data files, upload recordings, open audio data files and import audio data files from iTunes.


Sansan can aid in increasing your business efficiency and opportunity. It's a cloud-based contact management system you are able to use to digitize your business connections and then share that information with your co-workers efficiently. All you need is scanning your business cards, take care of the contacts with tags, share the given information, get in touch with the people by using email or apps, and then download business card data as CSV data files. You can request your co-workers to work with the app to make the transfer of information more convenient, and you may integrate Sansan with other services like Office 365, and a lot more.


EventsCase is an in depth event management platforms that provides businesses a centralized system that to provide, control and promote corporate events, group meetings, trade events, exhibitions, and workshops.

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