10 Whatsapp features that you need to know

Did you know all the cool stuff you can do with WhatsApp? That is why it is one of the most used messaging App. Everybody uses it and “whatsapping” is practically a new verb, right next to “Googling.” WhatsApp is compatible with the major platforms for mobile devices, so you don’t need to have a certain brand or operative system, like it happens with iMessages. Let’s explore 10 WhatsApp Messenger features and tricks you want to know.

10. You can use WhatsApp on your Computer
All you need to use WhatsApp on your computer is a web browser, and to have your cell phone at hand. Get to the WhatsApp site (www.whatsapp.com) and click on the “WhatsApp Web” option. Then, you will be asked to verify your identity. Scan the QR code that appeared on your screen. You will find the QR scanner if you go to the “WhatsApp Web” option on your smartphone’s app.

After you scanned the code, there is not much more to do. Your computer will load all the information coming directly from your phone. It is important to know that your cell should be on with an active internet connection. The browser simply works as a remote interface, but it is in direct communication with your phone.

Also, beware of using this option if you are sharing a computer. You should log out once you finish. Otherwise, the computer will save the configuration, and next time somebody gets to WhatsApp Web, they may access to your WhatsApp account.

9. Share where you are
The option to share your location is quite useful. Just select the sharing icon (the clip) on the conversation of the person you wish to share it. Select “Location, ” and you will be redirected to a map. Verify the location is accurate and then click the “Send your current location” option. WhatsApp will give you the option to choose the location of any public place detected nearby. That way if your GPS is not identifying your exact location, you can give more accurate instructions.

8. Groups
I bet you are part of a group already. However, you might have never started a group on your own. Only chose from the main menu the “New group” option. That will give you special attributes since you will be the administrator. As an administrator, you can choose new people to add to the group, change the group’s name or add a different icon. You may also mark other people as administrators too.

If you don’t like it, you are entitled to leave a group. Sometimes we wished we were not part of particular groups. Few people know they have the right to get out. Just find the group, select it and chose the “Exit group” option under the main menu.

7. Change your Status
To show your mood or simply how busy you are you can make use of the status functions. Just select the "Profile and Status” option from the main menu. From there you can change the photo appearing on WhatsApp, as well as your mood and availability. Let others know if you can answer. Just remember when you changed it to “Busy,” so that when you are not busy anymore, you go back to the “Available” state.

6. Mute a Conversation
Do you have a close friend that keeps on sending you messages the whole day? At moments, you wished you could stop him. However, telling him something would be rude. An option is to mute the conversation. You can do it for a certain amount of time. After the time expires, it will be automatically unmuted.
The amount of time to mute a conversation is predefined to 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year. We recommend you to use the 8 hours option if you want to work efficiently.

5. Share Files
You can share files other than photos. One way to do it is from DropBox. If the information is on the cloud, get to the DropBox App. Then, chose the file you want to share and open it. Once it is open, select the “Export” option. Then, select WhatsApp. It will open the app so that you can choose the contact you want to share with. So far, I’ve personally tested sharing PDF files, Word, PowerPoint and Excel sheets. All of them work perfectly.

4. Phone Calls
To place a phone call, just select the phone call icon. You will automatically call your contact. It is recommended that you have a Wi-Fi connection because it will use your data network to make the connection.

3. Not to make Phone Calls with WhatsApp
If you (like me) make WhatsApp phone calls by mistake all the time, there is a small trick to prevent it. Only disable WhatsApp permissions to use the microphone. Depending on your device, the procedure changes. It is effective because if you try to make a phone call, it will not let you. You will see an error message instead.

2. The Search Function
If you thought the search function was just to find your contacts, let me tell you a very useful tip. You can find specific strings of text in your conversation. That is helpful if you are trying to find some specific information.

1. Stop notifying others when you read the messages
Some people become obsessed with notifications. If you cannot answer right away, it can be a huge drama. To avoid it, disable the “read receipts” option under your “Privacy” settings. By doing it, you will stop notifying others when you read the messages. As a consequence, you will not know if other people read the messages you sent them.

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