How to choose web hosting for small business

This article is about choosing web hosting for small business. Giving a small business an online presence can help increase its credibility. The first step to begin to get an online presence is choosing the best webhosting company.

Choose domain name offer

One of the first important things that I would say when you're picking a web hosting company is to really look at a few key things you want to look at, such as annually prices for your domain name. Your domain name is could be your dot com, dot org wherever the url and addres is for your website. So you want look at not only what the upfront cost is because a lot of them have deal where it's 99 cents for the First Year and so on but the renewal fees on that can be extraordinarily higher than initial fee was. So you need to pay attention to what that yearly renewal fee is for your domain.

Now there are a few that I actually offer a free Domain renewal for the lifetime of your account for that first domain name or that first 2 or 3 domain names in your package, also take a look at that.

Hosting annualy price

Hosting offers, specifically for shared hosting, are usually the most affordable packages that provide amazing prices on signup. Take note though, these often come with a higher renewal price, therefore be cautious before clicking ‘purchase’ button on that package that's offering you a sign up cost at 80% discount!

Unless you are prepared to jump between several web hosts every 2 yrs, there is no way of preventing expensive renewal costs. My sugestion, if you happen to purchase a webhosting at $5/mo, the renewal costs should never exceed $10/mo. To avoid any kind of upsetting surprises, examine the ToS and be sure you are alright with the renewal fees just before signup.

Choosing shared, VPS or dedicated server?

Now let's talk a little bit about the web hosting packages themselves. When you just getting started out as a small business particularly if you're not taking online payment or if you are only using PayPal for online payment then then it's fine to get shared web hosting. I know lot of people have probably talked you out of it and they are probably web hosting companies who are convinced you that you need vps or a cloud server, dedicated server right out the gate. Look my primary website of like that are all houses my blog gets what was it 40000 views and that's just one of several website I’m hosting on that same shared account.

It's 40000 views per months that kind of traffic that I’m getting and that’s paying only $10 per month. So, if I can do that then you don’t have to pay an extraordinary cost of $50 or $60 a month when you just getting started with web hosting for your small business, because you are not getting that traffic right away.

The only way I would see you getting that traffic is if you’re doing a lot of online advertising with google adword. If you are getting something to get a quarter of a million views per month then I would say you might need something more robust like vps server or if you are hosting an online media, you might need web hosting server that is a little more powerful like a vps server for twenty-five or thirty dollars per month that might be appropriate in that situation.

I don’t necessarily think that it’s time for your small business to get a dedicated server unless you need a dedicated ip address for something very specific and technical that you are doing in which case your web developer will let you know. However, if you getting like a half million to a million views per month or you hosted a lot of media then dedicated server will make sense for you on $50 to $200 per month.

It is important to consider your profit as well. The other part of that is to make sure you understand exactly what you are getting in your package and if don’t, you need to talk to somebody about it.

Email account

Another think to consider here is email. How many email account do you get? How much storage does each email account get? For most people, two gigs is a lot of email storage but if you plan to keep all of your email it might not be enough. If you kind of person that sending and receiving large files such as pdf files, that could be a problematic. Alternatively, you can use cloud based service like dropbox to store all your large files.

Server uptime guarantee

Web hosting companies try to market themselves on reliability and uptime as at the end it is going to come down to customer reviews. So, you need to consider for not go with smaller company because they are not going to be able to support what you need. If there’s a problem at 2 am, there’s probably like 3 or 5 people working there. You don’t know if they can handle your issue. Also they might have hundreds or thousands of customers.

If you go over a larger and well-reputable company that have server and locations worldwide then it less likely one that something’s going to go wrong because they have the infrastructure to deal with it and then to if it does, they will have staff that working 24/7 to be able to address your specific issue in a timely manner.

You need to do the research for the company’s real uptime. All hosting companies always say they have 99% uptime guarantee. You need to read customers’ review if whether the company really have 99% uptime.

Choose web hosting control panel

A user-friendly hosting control panel with considerable functionality is essential, beause it’s the brain of your webhosting accounts.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s Plesk or cPanel or perhaps a third-party control panel , if it really is easy to use and includes all of the required functions, you can go with that webhosting company. Lacking any adequate control panel, you'll be left at the mercy of the web hosting tech support personnel - although if all you want is some standard support.

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