Top Countries With The Slowest Internet
(Edited Feb 27, 2018)

Today, the world is connected in ways that were once thought inconceivable. With the rise of Internet usage, many people have broken barriers, and it has become almost impossible to disconnect yourself from the Web.

Some people think that no matter where they are at the present time, the Internet is available. But in reality, digital connectivity is an idealistic scenario that may not be as idyllic as it appears. There are remote places in this world that you can connect to the internet, while there are some places where you can't even get a weak signal.

Furthermore, several countries today still struggle with a slow-speed internet, and it has become an issue for many people and businesses at some locations. Small companies and businesses find it expensive to venture to e-commerce and build a good website with a solid hosting company without spending a hefty amount of money for the upkeep. Many tourists and traveling businessmen and women know this too well. In reality, not all nooks and crannies of the world have the same internet speed.

Internet connection is now considered as a commodity all over the world. But most of the nations with slow speeds are clustered in South America and Africa which makes it difficult for these countries to prosper as much as they should. Even booming economies in Asia are still plagued with this issue.

Here is a list of the countries with the slowest internet connection as of now.


Bolivia is a country located in South America. They first got their internet connectivity in the year 2000 and it has not improved much since. Bolivia has 25 percent of its internet connection below the speed of 256kbps. Although the speed is something you can definitely frown upon, it has been improved by 22% from the last quarter of 2017. Even though they are still sprucing up the situation, their efforts for improvement are definitely something their citizens have big hopes for.


India is not just known for their delicious food, multiple religions, and unique cultures, they are also one of the top outsourcing countries in the world. With that said, it is difficult to imagine that they are still experiencing internet connection issues. It was in 1995 that they started using the internet but as of 2017, their connectivity is 27% below the speed of 256kbps.


Nepal is famous for its high peak mountains including Mount Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest. But it is also known to have the second slowest internet connection on the planet. Though they began using it as early as 1994, their speed is still 32% below the speed of 256 kbps. Furthermore, their efforts in overcoming this problem are very poor as they only had 4% increase in speed during 2017.


It was also in 1995 when the country Nigeria first started using the internet. Just like its neighboring countries in Africa, their connection is below the speed of 256 kbps by 31%. According to reports, the country has improved it connectivity dilemma by 16% by the last 3 months of 2017. Though many people are still unhappy with their connection, it is good that they are showing some progress and determination in solving the problem.


Among all the countries in the Middle East, Yemen has the slowest internet speed at 1.3mbps. The state of Yemen runs the telecommunications company and oversees the connectivity and internet usage in the country. The problems are, the telecommunications technology in Yemen has not been updated since the late 70s. On top of this, they were not updated to be designed for data transfer. Right now, Yemen has been slowly making efforts in improving their outdated technology but the price of digital connectivity remains expensive.


Iran is a country in Asia that is largely shut off from the rest of the world due to the imposed sanctions by the U.S. This is why their internet connection remains very slow today. Since the conflict between the two countries has toned down, it is expected that Iran's broadband infrastructure will slowly improve in the coming years.


Libya is also known to have a very slow internet connection nowadays. It was introduced in the year 2000 but until now, this country is still suffering from a slow internet connection. The political upheavals of this country over the past years could have contributed to the slow progression of the country's technological advancements. In recent years, their internet connection has improved. Although only 5% of their population has an internet connection, it is expected to rise once the country achieves political stability.

Even though the countries listed above started their connectivity facilities at about the same time, some nations are still struggling in implementing technological innovations. Internet connectivity plays a crucial role in our lives. It does not just help families and friends scattered around the globe to remain connected, it is also an integral part of many businesses. Without quality speed, their economy may suffer.

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