Coconut milk nutritions and benefits
(Edited Oct 09, 2017)

When we talk about milk, dairy is what flashes in the memory of most people. However, with coconut milk, it is actually without dairy. This particular nourishment has various advantages and by ingesting it, your immune system will be fortified in preventing sicknesses and diseases.

Coconut milk is the liquid extracted from the grated flesh of a mature coconut. Dissimilar to other nuts coconuts are very fragile and don't have a long shelt life. This particularly occur after the external husk is removed. Since the outer husks are difficult and thick for customers to remove, they are often disposed before you see the coconut in the store.

Coconut milk is rising fast to becoming a major ingredient for skin care. It very high in natural fatty acids and also has a high fat content. Fatty acids are natural germicide that gently cleans impurities even for a skin that is ultra sensitive. Coconut milk has been recommended by skincare experts as it can help cure some skin ailments.

Coconut milk should not be confused with coconut water as it is made out of the flesh of a ripe coconut. Coconut water is merely a liquid which can be drained out of coconut. The flesh of a coconut is situated close to the inner walls of an open coconut and ought to creamy and thick to produce milk. Making coconut milk takes time in processing however you can purchase it in local stores.

Coconut milk is a major ingredient in cuisines of the tropical region. Caribbean, Sri Lankan, Thai and South Indian cuisines are highly dependent to it as an important ingredient. In general, coconut milk is an essential ingredient of South-East Asian cooking. In most western nations coconut milk is used for flavor in curries, to add richness in desserts, and to regulate the heat in hot sauces.

Nutritional content of coconut milk

Milk produced from coconut is stacked with vitamins (vitamin c, e, b and folate) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calsium, potassium, copper, manganese, phosporus and selenium). Despite the fact that this product is stacked with saturated fats, those fats only comprise of short chain fatty acids. This implies the fatty acids are instantly absorbed and immediately converted into energy for the body to utilize. In this way, you will lose weight efficiently instead of gaining weight.

It is used in baked products and it is a lactose free alternative for milk. It can be consolidated in curries, rice dishes, soups, seasonings and condiments.

It also contains lauric acid which is a saturated fat present in mother’s milk.

Nutritional benefits of coconut milk

1. The presence of lauric acid in coconut milk provides anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties to it. The effect is that it is astounding when it comes to fighting diseases and infections. Since it is anti microbial, anti viral, anti carcinogenic, and anti bacterial it can support the immune system and help you battle ailments like colds and flu.

2. It provides solid health for your hair and skin. It is generally used as a base in most cosmetic products and applications like skin moisturizers and hair oil. It can relieve rashes and dry skin and will also add moisture to dry hair. It is an incredible hydrant.

3. It is recommeded that this milk is utilized in your food if you want to build muscle.

4. Although coconut milk contains saturated fats, it is essential in weight loss as well. The fat comprises of short chain and medium chain unsaturated fats therefore the body converts it into energy rather than just storing the same as fat.

5. The presence of organic iodine make it prevent an enlarged non-toxic thyroid.

6. It is used as laxative and it aids digestion.

7. The supplements found in it will help to minimize the risk of skin cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis, and cancer.

8. Drinking it won't just ease the pain of a stomach ulcer but also help for a sore throat.

9. It is abundantly rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body to fight against skin sagging, low bone density, ageing, and poor vision.

10. It is useful for the heart as well. The lauric acid present helps to unclogs the arteries. The acid also enhances brain development and bone health.

11. Coconut milk can take away oil and dirt from the skin when used with cleansers. It makes a soft, smooth, and clean complexion. Coconut milk salt gently peel the top skin layer while leaving the next layer supple and smooth.

This essential milk has higher values of phenolic antioxidants when compared to coconut oils. One reason behind this is the way that coconuts are planted in soils rich in nutritional value by organic coconut growers. It makes your skin react to the product making it more powerful than diluted or artificially enhanced products. As a matter of fact, coconut milk is the most suitable natural skin care product for those with sensitive skin.

Also, this milk can be used as a substitute in numerous dishes such as stocks, sauces, hollandaise sauces, and mayonnaise.

Coconut milk is also incredible in making cakses and biscuit, ice-creams and confectionary. It can be used as a part of baked products and dishes as a lactose free milk substitute.

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