4 steps for better copywriting
(Edited Oct 12, 2017)

Today, modern business owners are employing copywriting techniques in their businesses and found in many places in your internet business funnel.

Remember, the final goal of copywriting is to get your audience to do your most wanted result. For example, buying or registering into your email list.

I highly encourage you execute a little split testing of your copywriting as well. Get rid of things that don’t give good results and repeat or multiply things that do - this is the straightforward approach to success!

Below here are few steps you can consider for better copywriting.


The headline is the most crucial part of your copy. You just have short 5 seconds to make an impression on your audience before they proceed, so take it into consideration.

The headline needs to be eye-catching and bolded to attain your audience’s attention immediately. The sub headline is going to strengthen the message of the headline.

You should not use FULL caps in your headline.. Just apply it when required. Full caps appear like someone shouting at you - Nobody like this? Additionally, it appears to be like spam and no one nor Google want that.

Unique selling point and emotion selling point

We discussed quite a lot about emotions in the earlier chapter. Many businesses implement “Unique Selling Point” to differentiate their products or services from others to bring in more sales.

Although that is vital, in the internet, there is other selling point called “Emotional Selling Point” - Which is the ability to touch the emotions of your audience to enable you to get them to perform your most wanted action.

Emotional selling points offer a lot with strong emotion stimulating words as well. For instance, in the build an income online niche you'll use words like: “financial freedom, free of the 9-5 routines, quit the rat race”. These words are emotional words relevant to the niche that others can simply relate with and connect to. In short, if you want to use ESPs to advertise your business effectively, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What area of interest are you in?
  2. The type of words that individuals in your niche can relate to?

After you have decided the response to these two questions, you can test and brainstorm as much ESPs as you can which you can use in your sales letter.

Call to action

The call to action is most likely one of the very important aspects of any part of content. The first thing you should do is know what is your most preferred results that you want for your customers/potential customers to perform.

Different aspects of your business would generally need a different kind of desired result.

  • Blog - Comments
  • Facebook - Likes
  • Landing - opt ins
  • Email messages - Click throughs
  • Sales copy - Purchases

So after you have identified that, your call to action need to be written or formed to facilitate that type of action. For instance: For the blog, a fantastic call to action would be - “If you appreciated this post and have any ideas, please write comment down below!”
Put time sensitivity to your call to actions sometimes lead to high conversions. Therefore, don’t forget to add it!

Handling objection

Every time a person reads a sales copy, many questions would appear in his head in attempt to “defend” him from “burning off his money”. This is a normal action, and if you understand the way to handle these objections successfully in your copy as they arise, you're going to be enjoying in substantial rewards.

Here are several commonly used approaches for handling objections:

  1. Testimonials: Social proof is something that people searches for when they would like to buy something.
  2. FAQS: Having a frequently asked questions page can be useful for getting rid of any objections that show up significantly.
  3. Good reasons to buy: It offers your readers several good reasons to help them justify their purchase and significantly increase your earnings.

Mistake in copywriting

The points below aims to help you avoid the complete “experimental stage” and prevent the most significant mistakes made in copywriting.

  1. Offering before first proving value: Before you send your subscribers with offers, you should always provide them plenty of free value and set up a real relationship with them.
  2. Wrong text message alignment: As a general rule of thumb, words needs to be aligned left, indented inside a bit.
  3. Sounding too formal: You already know this, of your message sounds too formal, you’ll come off as sounding just like a sales software. For goodness reason, put in some human component and talk with an informal tone.
  4. Wasting your audience’s time: Essentially, to create a good copy, you should only be adding things which lead to the sale and taking away points which do not.

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