How to begin selling on ebay
(Edited Apr 22, 2017)

So now you've determined that you would like to begin with as a seller on eBay. There are many things that you should know before you head on.

What things to Sell

First off, you should know what it is you are going to sell: think what your niche is. You'll go farther on eBay if you turned out to be a wonderful supplier for several type of product people would like to try and they're going to obtain you again and again. You will not get any customer loyalty or good reviews if you only sell poor quality.

When you see what things to sell, there are a few things you will need to consider. The key of these is to generally sell something you know about. If you sell something which you have no idea about it then you can't write a proper auction brief description and sell it for a higher price.

You possibly will not think you're considering anything , but if you believe in what kind of things you usually buy and which websites you visit to frequently, I'm sure you'll find some kind of desire for something.

If you can consider something that you are familiar with and it's really small for postage, then that's great!
Don't stress if you believe the item/product you're offering is simply unknown - it is not. There's market for nearly everything to choose from on eBay. You will for sure do far better if you have a distinct segment on the market place than if you have something that is sold by many seller on eBay.

Legal and Tax Matters

If you make enough money, you should know that you will have to begin paying taxes. If you choose to sell on eBay full-time, you should register as a company then.

Prepare Yourself

There will be good and bad times when you sell on eBay. Don't panic, if something goes unexpectedly in your first sales: The most successful sellers on eBay will be the ones who appreciate it, and place it out regardless of what happens.

Everyone can sell on eBay but only when they have confidence in themselves. In the event that you decide that eBay is not for you, don’t get worried as the start-up costs are low that you will not have lost from anything.

If you are ready to begin selling on eBay, then the step two is to learn about the various types of auctions available for you. After that you can decide which platform you can use to market your items.

5 Simple steps to Start Your First eBay Auction

It's so easy to get started doing your initial public auction on eBay. Simply follow the guidelines below.

Step one: Open up an eBay seller's account.
If you have already bought items on eBay, you should curently have an account - so just sign in with your username and password, then click 'Sell' in the toolbar near the top of the web page, after that click on 'Create a seller's account'. If you have never used eBay previously, then you will have to open a seller's account first clicking the 'register' link under the toolbar, after that click 'Sell' link and then you can 'Create a seller's account'. The eBay site will assist you through the process. For security reasons, this might require providing your credit card details and bank details.

Step two: Decide what things to sell.
For the first experiment using eBay, it generally does not really matter what you sell. Simply take a look around the area you're in at this time- I'm optimistic there's something in that room that you're not really want them and could write in the post. Small CDs and books are excellent to market as your first products.

Step three: Submit your item.
Hit 'Sell' link, and you're on the way to list your item.
The first thing you should do is select a category for your products. It’s better to just enter what that is and let eBay decide for you. Next, write a headline and auction description. Include Key phrases and all the details you have about that in the description box.

Now place an opening cost for your auction. $0.01 is the ideal opening price as it pulls people directly into bid who normally wouldn't have and products will very rarely end at such the minimum price. The next action you should do is defined the duration of the auction for around 3 to 10 days. This is completely your decision but the longer sales will often end up getting more bids. If you've used a picture, put it now as products with pictures usually sell for more. At last, tick the payment options you are prepared to accept (PayPal is the ideal payment solution today), and where you are going to send to (your country is the best place to begin with). After that submit your auction and the process is finished!

Step four: Wait for it to market.
This is simply a matter of sitting back and allowing eBay do the rest - purchasers will see your products and leave bids onto it. Some bidders might contact you with questions about that, and you ought to do your very best to reply these questions as quickly as possible.

Step five: Get payment and post it.
EBay will post your buyer email messages helping them through the steps of sending you the payment for the product. Be sure you have the payment before you post anything.
Once you have received the payment, all you have to do is pack that for publishing ( make sure you apply some bubble wrap), after that find the buyer's address in the email that eBay have mailed you after the winning bid. Write the address on the package and post it.

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