How to choose a domain name
(Edited Dec 30, 2017)

The first thing you should have when you are setting up an online business for the very first time is a domain name under which your website can be built. Above all, this should be a domain name that is related to the online business that you are planning to start, considering by having a domain name that's relevant to your online business, you make your wesite search engine friendly, and this is really important and beneficial.

What's domain name?
Domain Name Servers (DNS) keep an index of domain names and convert them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

Why domain name is crucial?
A domain name gives trustworthiness to your online business. Getting your own domain name causes your company look professional. In the event that you publish your site through an a totally free Web hosting site, your website will have an URL just like This address will not make customer confidence in just like a domain name does. And because so many people don’t really trust the online business or e-commerce, you’ll need to do everything you can to demonstrate that your small business is deserving of their money. If you’re not ready to spend the money to register a proper domain name, why would buyers believe you’d set any effort into establishing beneficial services or products?

A domain name provides flexibility to your online existence. Getting your own domain name enables you to have that name with you when you change Web hosts to yours in-house server. If you do not have your domain name, you will need to have a new URL, that will ruin the branding that you developed with your first URL.

The proper domain name can catch the attention of audiences. If you choose to buy a domain name that matches the idea of your business (rather than your specific business name), you may attract Web browsers in search of that topic. For example, a hardware shop that registered could easily get visitors interested in tools on the web. Also, although position in search results are very difficult to predict, could appear more often in search engine results when someone looks for details about tools.

A domain name builds your brand. Above all else, a domain name can enhance your brand awareness. If your domain name fits your business name, it emphasizes your brand, which makes it easier for customers to remember and come back. It will be easier to get business through word of mouth since consumers will not forget your name and show it to friends.

Here are tips for choosing a domain name:

1. When you building a brand, make use of the name of your product or business. For instance, Sam Paint is the business name and a product plus is an unforgettable domain. However if that domain name isn’t available, or objective is to get ranking on a particular keyword, you may have to get a bit more innovative.

2. If search result is your concern, build a domain name off keywords. Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to obtain a general domain name, such as But customers who are preparing to buy something will most likely search with more particular terms. A domain that specifies what you sell, such as, is most likely better for business.

3. Carefully choose your top-level domain (TLD). If you're able to purchase .com, do it. Everyone is obviously to remember it, and if they are familiar with your business but forget the address, .com may be the one they will try first.

  • .co : for company, or commerce.
  • .net : technical network, or Internet infrastructure.
  • .org : for organizations or non-profits.
  • .gov: for government
  • .edu: for education
  • .info : informational websites.

4. Skip names totally unrelated to your goods. If you offer jackets and make use of, your domain can be tough to keep in mind and frankly just a little suspicious. Additionally, it’s good to prevent useless short domains. If your business is usually Fanatical Franklin's Famous Fords, won't be meaningful or easy to remember.

5. Steer clear of domains that focus on “the” or “my.” These words tend to be dropped when found in conversation, and this impact appears to be multiplied when domain names are involved. It’s most useful to never consider that risk, specifically as there is a good opportunity the other websites belongs to a competitor. But if you curently have a domain that begins with “the” or “my,” be sure you consistently promote the entire name.

6. Uncommon spellings will get challenging. A domain ought to be simple to remember and spread. Consider your customer attempting to recommend your site to someone. For example, you change the word for into 4, and you with u. So, you write There’s a higher risk that people will misspell the domain and turn out at a competitor’s web page.

7. Make it short. Although long domain name could be great in SEO because of the amount of keywords, they are challenging to remember and can be very easily misspelled. For example, is difficult to remember and more painful to type. The maximum amount of character for a domain is normally 63 characters, but it’s better to maintain it under 25 approximately.

8. Avoid from special characters. It is advisable to adhere to alphanumeric characters and perhaps hyphens. Even though other characters are actually allowed, not everyone can type them in. Special characters and also underscores can't be included in DNS host names, so creating blogs, subdomains and email will be difficult.

Buying aged or new domain name?
Here are advantages of aged domain name:

1. Backlinks
You will find that expired domains frequently have numerous links from different sites around the web. Google looks strong links fondly and in case you were to build a websites on the domain concerned then it would surely help your search engine ranking positions.

2. Profit
Profit is among the essential rewards which interests people in seeking at buying aged domain names. For instance domain names with high domain authority (DA), aged, and solid backlinks are believed very attractive and will be sold to a wide selection of people (businesses, online marketers, and bloggers ) who are searching for a domain name that they can create a website on.

3. Building a website on the aged domain
I have discovered that building a site on the aged domain is among the primary reasons people think about buying aged domain. You will see that domain authority, age, backlinks along with popularity often take years to build up. In case you are fortunate in order to purchase an aged domain name that currently features these factors, the website you create on the aged domain will consequently have a definite benefit over other newer sites developed around the same niche.

However, buying new name include some positive sides such as:

1. Cheaper

2. Pick the name you desire, including your business brand.

3. You might be searching for a shorter or more memorable name that is currently unavailable on the market.

4. You could focus on different groups of individuals by identifying your website or your business to be part of a specific market or geographic region.

5. Non-English domains are on offer for the first time, therefore this is an excellent way to broaden your global reach.

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How to flipping domain name for profit
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