How to flipping website for profit - proven tips to start
(Edited Feb 14, 2018)

Flipping websites actually is pretty easy. So, what’s site flipping? Fundamentally, the theory is to buy an active website and transform it around, flipping it for a revenue. However, website flipping can completely mean creating a website from nothing and offering it for income.

With regards to flipping websites, there are various methods for getting started, using:
• Long Term Flipping Method
• Short Term Flipping Method

By long-term flipping method, you commonly produce a website and work at building it over time before offering it on the open marketplace.

During this time period of development, you generate income from it, build traffic that funnel in quality visitors, and work at developing the it's rank in google.

Although long-term flipping needs patience and dedication, it will soon pay back as websites carrying pr, traffic and income are most desirable always, and will make a profit as high as 200x your investment.

As for the kinds of websites selling in the marketplace regularly, there are a large number of different platforms and designs that are always popular, including:

• Product Review
• Online Forums
• Web Directories
• Membership Websites
• E-commerce
• SaaS
• Adsense Based Websites

How much money you will need to start flipping?

Fundamentally, there are several things that can be done yourself if you understand how: create content, create images, create a site and you are going to reduce your cost if you do these things, however, none of the above is needed to start flipping. Of course, you’ll have to spend a little more if you have no skill, however, all money you spent will be returned back to you when you sell it successfully for a good profit. Therefore, how much money are you looking to get going?

Well, make an effort to possess at least $100 all set to invest! This might appear to be a lot for you personally, but it’s not, specifically because with a $100 expense you will get a $1,000 return! So that’s 90%! Pretty good, is it?

If you wish to have ‘WOW’ factor, be sure you add backlinks to the site you want to sell. The website which has good backlinks will sell higher than those don’t have any backlinks. The amount of money needed to build a backlink will depend on the technique you apply to build the backlinks. My recommendation is that you build your own PBN network to create backlinks. With PBN, you can easily increase its (MOZ) domain authority and page authority without additional expense.

Will you start flipping from from scratch or buy a new one?

If you wonder whether it’s well worth buying a website when you're able to create a fresh one! That’s a great question, and we’re likely to try it.

The benefits of Old Sites
Straight from the box and aged website has more value, since the domain name is aged.
What will this mean? Even with aged websites you need to ensure that you acquire:

  • A top-notch domain name sometimes referred to (but .net and .org also will work well) and keyword rich.
  • An excellent DA/PA - at least 15 or 20 if you genuinely wish to get some profit.
  • Income - there’s worthless in investing in a domain name that doesn’t earn money, is it.
  • Fantastic search engine ranking - no less than 2 keywords of the site should be on first page.

Remember that these kinds of websites don’t come inexpensive! If you get one like this, you’re really lucky then!Of course, if you do your jobs on it, you’ll have the ability to make it worth a lot more, and make a large profit!

However, remember that the old one could operate on the old platform, and you will need to update them - which is time wasting or it could cost in case you don’t understand how to do it on your own. Of course, Wordpress based blogs don’t included in this category - and you will need to choose Wordpress because that’s an extremely flexible platform, and the most famous at this time on 70% of most blogs!

The benefits of new sites
The new ones are excellent as well, because, very well, you’re the main one who will be creating them and you’ll have the ability to make them as nice as the potential buyers demand them, and as valuable and informative as you wish them to be.

Basically, fresh sites are excellent because:

  • You can make use of the most recent web design systems to make it impressive.
  • You may modify them as you find fit.
  • You can purchase the domain name you are looking for.
  • You possess the liberty to carefully turn them into whatever your heart wishes or finds fit.

However , new websites aren’t that high-quality short-term because being completely new they’re not as more successful which occasionally makes them sell for not nearly as expensive as older ones.

But who’s to state that you can’t grow your old websites until they’re sufficient to end up being sold for a significant income -after all you’ll end up being basically take all of the revenues the website generates until you offer it, and also everything you get for this. It isn’t really bad, is it? You’ll be producing some profit from it, and a ton of money when you sell it - and that is excellent!

Where you can Buy Website

With regards to flipping websites, the buying stage is crucial. If you research your options, find a great site, and pay an acceptable price, your potential for making money is way better than if you spend little care about the buying stage and concentrate all of your work on the sale.

Consider of these websites to get and sell a site:


Improving Your Site

a. Increasing the number of Visitors

Generally, if you buy a site, you will buy it since it generates large amount of traffic, but does a bad job of earning sales or displaying advertisements. It’s monetization that you need to concentrate on, however in fact, it definitely does not harm to fine-tune the SEO as well.

In this section, we will talk about some cost-effective and long term ways that you can raise the amount of traffic your website gets without wasting a lot of time in the process.

Probably the most essential parts of any SEO marketing campaign is a linking technique. With regards to getting one way links, you will find few strategies which have tested to be winners over time. We are going to look each of these down below:

1. Submit website to Directories

One method to get free, one way links is to submit it to directories. Web directories are websites that list various websites depending to some system of business (commonly by the group of the content). There are actually hundreds of web directories that will enable you to do that for free-and dozens that demand a payment (which might or might not be worth the cost).

When making directory listings, there are three what to consider:

  • The text straight surrounding your hyperlink is important. For this purpose, you can try to employ keywords that are strongly related in the description which will be instantly under the link.
  • Utilizing a boilerplate site description can save you time with the submissions. but may eventually work against you. As search engines are seeing this bit of boilerplate ( together with the hyperlink ) as duplicated content, they may just count one inbound hyperlink, instead of each of the split backlinks.
  • Furthermore to making your website description search engine friendly, it's also advisable to make an effort to make it human-friendly. If it isn’t human-friendly, you could lose out on a whole lot of direct, click-through traffic from web directories.

After you have done this job, it’s time to go on to another strategy for optimizing it for traffic from search engine.

2. Article Marketing or Guest Posting

Another method by which you can get one way links pointing to your website is usually to work with a method called article marketing. In a nutshell, this calls for purchasing or creating contents / articles; and next submitting those contents to article directories. When you do that, the directory will let you to include a resource box, which can add a link to your website.

While marketing with articles is an excellent supply of organic search engine traffic in the long term, it might not become your best option in the short run, since it takes time for your content articles to get published; and for backlinks to after that get indexed by search engines.

Therefore, I highly recommend you don't use article marketing strategy if you do not plan to keep it for 4-12 months prior to the resale. However, if you're planning for this, article marketing is an excellent choice then.

Another essential thing to consider when you are performing article marketing is the price of the website. In general, marketing with articles is best and most profitably utilized when the price of a website is above $1000.

Now, if you’re an excellent writer, you could constantly write the articles yourself and submit them to article directories yourself. In contrast, unless you feel comfortable writing, you could generally hire professionals to do the job to suit your needs. I suggest acquiring the following steps:

  • Head to and look for a writer that may write around 1000 words for $5. When possible, don’t look for a writer that just writes around 500 words. Google will certainly index those articles with 1000 words. After you get the article, be sure you check the article for the quality and uniqueness.
  • Post a different job on to find a professional to market the content articles for you. This includes submitting them to article directories or guest blog posting to authority blog. What you should consider may be the MOZ domain authority (da) and page authority (pa) of the website or blog you want to post. Ask the seller to which website your article will be posted. Ensure that website/blog has at least da 30 and pa 25.

3. Private Blogs Network (PBN)

As I said earlier in this article, you would be easier to build your own private blog network. PBN is recognized as the most affordable in respect building links. In your flipping sites business to make money, PBN will probably be your secret weapon to build links all of the sites you want to sell. Moreover, you can build links as much as you want without having to pay someone.
For this content of the blog, you still may use to look for a writer, but i suggest you purchase service for generating the articles for you as can generate unlimited article for $47 per month.

However, you should have skill and understanding to build the proper PBN mainly because Google will hunt down your PBN. Be sure you delete the whole footprints that make your PBN captured by Google.

b. Monetize Your Websites

More than anything, income is the foremost influence in a websites worth, but it isn't always how much income it has had the capacity to generate.

Website investors is much more enthusiastic about websites that are old and have proven long-term growth, therefore, if you can show steady income more than a 4-6 month period, your site will be valued a whole lot higher than a website that has recently produced an influx of income but isn't able showing whether its steady income or not.

Despite having start-up websites, however , you can still raise the value by monetizing with Adsense, sponsored listings affiliate products, or by offering a private product of yours.

c. Add Unique Style

The more unique your site is, the better value it has, and determined by the kind of website you are offering, you will need to try to have as much your very ow, unique or private content and resources as you can..

For instance, in case you are offering webblogs, you are able to provide 10 original articles, or write content with a mixture of original articles and top quality (limited) PLR articles too, automating the weblog and reducing the work load for the brand new buyer.

If you are offering a website that has information and products that had not been made exclusively for the website, be sure to point licensing, if you will find any limitations and also the number of copies on the market.

Your job is to emphasize the value of every listing and also to develop value where it could be forgotten, consequently, always be searching for ways to raise the identified value and total potential of your websites.

Keep an eye on what forms of websites are effectively selling and also what sort of sites are getting a higher quantity of bids. If you discover a site which has a lot of bids, it's an excellent sign that the subject and trend is in demand, providing you new ideas for your own personal projects.

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