How to spot online business scam
(Edited Oct 13, 2017)

There are many reasons, home-based business opportunities appeal to a great number of different people. I believe people want to work from home because they want to get comfortable feeling while doing their job. If we work on the office, we should finish our project as soon as possible. In home based business, we have an option to extend the project completion. We can choose how long we want to do the job every day. It is up to you to decide. You can make a lot of money if you work so hard on your business. So, if you want to work from the comfort of your home, home based business is the solution for you. You can find a lot of method to start your own business.

However, as you can see, there are more than a few bad business people out there who prey upon entrepreneurs’ desires. So, if you’ve been trying to find a good business opportunity that lets you to work from home, then maybe you need to considering this brief guide we’ve put together to guide you to make decision whether or not that home-based business opportunity that you found around the internet is legitimate or not.

You can find two forms of scams. Scammers using both forms are targeting at people who want to build online business from home, either by:

1. Make you doing the job from home, doing envelope stuffing, craft assembly, or other jobs where you are (theoretically) paid by the company you work in as an employee.

Surely, you can find some legitimate telecommuting jobs out there, but work-from-home jobs mostly are just big scams.

2. “Assisting” you to begin your journey to work on your own home-based business, as a mystery shopper, network marketer, or other type of online businesses where the only money increasing is the money in the scammer’s bank.

It doesn’t matter what job the scammer ask you to do. They always ask you to pay to join in. Some of them put the cost high some of them will put the cost really low. So, if you desperately try to find the job around the internet, make sure you will never pay to start.

False promise

Legitimate online business will get the money from the client or the customer. If you find a home-based business opportunity, you need to ask them why you need to pay to start working. The scammers really target someone that desperately needs money. They will promise you that you can start working straightaway and get the money tonight. That is the key. Someone who desperately needs money will not think twice. They could jump in immediately.

So, if you read advertising goes something like "You will be making $10,000 a month in 30 days". If you don’t have any experience in online business before, how you can make money that fast? Especially if the company that promise you big money don’t describe clearly how does it work. In order to make you jump immediately, the company will add something like this, "This offer will be gone in 24 hours". If you desperately need money, sure you will jump into the trap right now, without do any further research about the opportunity.

Multi-level marketing scam

You also can find multi-level marketing scam. However, you can find the legitimate one. The only different between the legitimate one and scam one is the product. The legitimate multi-level marketing company make money when you selling the company’s product.

If you don’t see the company’s product clearly, it might be scam. You will make money from registration’s fee. So, if you invite someone to join and he/she join the MLM group, you and the company make money. It means that he/she gives you money. You maybe will invite your friend and family to join. If your family and friend join under you, they will pay the registration’s fee and that money is for you. Are you not feeling guilty if your family or friends join the group? So, stay away from MLM scheme. It is not worthy at all if we make money but can broke the relationship with the one we love.

Build legitimate online business will takes time

I have mention in my other article about the online business people can do. However, in order to build strong online business, people need to take at least one year. It doesn’t matter what business we take in, at least we need to build high reputation and authority. Although, let say, you want to work with a company as a freelancer. You need to ask yourself, why the company want to hire you. It is not easy to work as a freelancer. You will compete with many other freelancers.

Get rich scheme is not worthy at all. We can’t get rich overnight. Wealth is built with passion and hard work. Combine with good strategy, you sure can get rich. Everyone start small, unless your parent is a billionaire.

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