5 mistakes that people make in article marketing
(Edited Oct 13, 2017)

There are numerous methods to promote your online business? Some of them are free and some are paid. However, article marketing is still the best method you can get. This is a time-tested, the best practice to become popular expert, jump-up the ranking of your website in search engine, and develop worthy one-way backlinks from other website. You can drive more targeted traffic, and the website’s page view that your business needs will be increasing and make more money.

However, if you want to be successful with article marketing, it's compulsory that you avoiding from making a few small mistakes. You cannot get enough traffic if your article suffers from one of these mistakes. In this article, I will talk about couple of mistakes that you need to avoid, so you can avoid them and maximize the traffic from your article marketing campaign.

When you start using article marketing campaign to build links, it can drive more quality traffic and help you grow your business. More article you make, you will drive more people coming to your website.

Here are the steps:

1. Proofread your article

The first vital step that you need to do apart from others is to proofread your article. It’s important that you write your article without any grammatical error, otherwise your efforts could all be useless. The biggest mistake that many internet marketers make is submitting their articles to a directory before they have been proofread. Nothing can reflect more poorly on your campaign than simple, repeated spelling and grammar mistakes that comes up in your articles. Aside from giving the reader a negative impression of the writer, it can also make the article more difficult to understand clearly. Disregarding this essential step can make your authority as an internet marketer suffer in the long run. That's the reason why you should read and reread your articles carefully before you submit them and make sure they have no error at all. Although it may look like an overwhelming task, you should be able to easily proof-read an article of around 100 words in about a minute. It will be better that you proof read your article in the morning as you still have a fresh mind.

2. Duplicate article is another common mistake that many article marketers make.

Duplicate article is a serious and improper method in article marketing. Duplicate article means two identic articles. It doesn’t matter if this article is your own article or other people’s article. Search engine have algorithm that can recognize the duplicate article. Search engine only index one article and pass through the other duplicated article. So if you want to make many links coming to your website, you should make a lot of article.

3. Giving the wrong level of information to the wrong audience

One of customer is a career coach who want to drive more than 100K executive clients using article marketing campaign. The problem is that all articles he wrote only include basic information that new college graduates need. If he tries to attract executive audience, then he shoots the wrong target. Executives have been through many jobs searching process. If he wants to get higher-level clients, then he should stop insulting their experience and need to include information for that specific audience in his article. When you write an article, you should keep your audience in mind and write to their needs, wants and desires.

4. Blatant advertising

You need to remember that people come online to find information, and not to buy something. Some people don’t like to be sold to. Therefore, whenever the visitor see articles that the writer talk about nothing but selling, the visitor will stop reading the article and exit from your website immediately. So, your articles should always be providing people with useful information to solve their problems. You can put your advertising in your author’s resource box (where you can recommend a product/service that will possibly help them solve the problem that they have).

5. Resource box mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen in article marketing is the misuse of the 'Resource Box'. It's a disgrace to see a good quality article about some topic only to see the Resource Box not being used correctly. For example, if you write an article about fitness and bodybuilding, you shouldn't need to put a link in your Resource Box that drives the visitor to a website that tells them how they can reduce their taxes. You need to link to the website that relevance to the article you write. If you write a general article about make money online, you could link your article to a website that talks about online home based business. So, if your article is written about a specific niche, then use the Resource Box to lead your visitors to a website that relates to what your article is about.

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