15 Email marketing tips for beginners
(Edited Feb 16, 2018)

If you want to get mastery in the world of email marketing it may require you to deal with errors and trails for few years. It does not mean that you should start without having any focus. The ideal way is to learn from the errors and experiments of those who have already become successful in this industry. Here we will discuss about the 15 email marketing tips for beginners.

15. Make sure your email list is easy for subscription

As far as visitors on your website or on social media accounts are concerned they should not find it difficult to subscribe to your email list. Your email list should also be able to sign up. This simply gives you the message that there should not be various platforms and complicated ways to signup.

14. Just make the subscribers reply

This is something which is not followed by marketers of large companies. It is very common for you to receive many newsletters from a no-reply email address. You need to emphasise on the fact that you are getting in touch with those people who have clearly given you the message that they are interested in your project. On the contrary you are telling them not to revert to you, which do not make sense.

13. You content should be scan able

As a matter of fact it is a must for a web content to be scanned. Due to this it is understood that we should apply this to content of the email too. Due to this you just need to be sure that your emails can be scanned. In addition your emails should use headlines, bulleted lists and short paragraphs. All these features make your content easy to read without any loss of time.

12. In the “from” line include both the company name and person’s name.

It is a very common scenario that we get lots of emails on a regular basis that comes from just the name of company. This way it jumps as a marketing mail. On the other hand we have marketing emails with no specific company’s name sent from a person.

11. Try to send segmented and targeted mailings

It is a common situation where most of the emails are static and has the status of one-to-many. This means all your contacts in your list will get the same email. You should know that a certain section of your list is interested in SEO and the other section might be interested in the creation of Ad Words work.

10. Test your emails

Before you send an email to somebody you should test it by first sending it to yourself. Now you need to check that the content and layout are in the right formatting. In addition you should check that all your links are active. You should be testing emails more in depth and should not restrict it to self-sending.

9. Do lots of proof reading

It is not difficult for any incorrect information to slip out from your email. You l make it a point that all your emails should be read thoroughly by some other person. As far as the subscribers are concerned they can be turned off by a typo but that number increases in a big way if there are several typos present.

8. Dispense with formality

If we look at email it is an informal means of communication to a certain extent. You should not treat your mail like a formal business letter. You do not want to be very casual in your approach but you still want to approach like a note.

7. Do not forget about mobile

There are lots of people who access their emails on mobile phones. This clearly tells you that the email created by you should be active and fits well on a smaller screen. You need to be sure that when your users open your email on their mobile it should be as clear as if they are opening it on the desktop.

6. Try sending both direct and transactional emails

You should be sending transactional emails which are the one which you get when a customer does some purchase or shopping.

5. Link to social media

You should always include links in order to share your email content on none other than social media. As a matter of fact it is always a good idea to include links to your accounts of social media. In ever email you send you should try to send at least one of the following which is your Twitter feed, your Face book page and your Google + account.

4. Try sending a welcome email to every new subscriber

Every time somebody subscribes your system should send an auto-generated email to welcome. This email will remind them about the reason of subscribing here.

3. Measure your email marketing results

With the help of email you can measure all type of things like click-through rates, open rates and conversion rates. Once you measure these you will get an idea of what works and what does not which will help you to create better emails for future.

2. Focus on long-term results

You should focus on a wider goal and your focus should be wide and not limited. You are looking to build long term relationships with your existing and you should not focus on getting fast results.

1. Send on regular basis

If you have a regular schedule you can plan your email marketing in a better way. This means that you should send emails on most of the times in a day besides sending on the best days of the week.

Description The ideal way is to learn from the errors and experiments of those who have already become successful in this industry. Here we will discuss about the 15 email marketing tips for beginners.
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