Guide to build an email list for beginner
(Edited Mar 31, 2017)

Possibly the single most significant thing you will be doing when you build your website is setting up a mailing list of subscribers who are enthusiastic about whatever market you are working in.

When you have an email list you can sell to those individuals over and over. By interacting with them frequently you will as time passes build a bond with your subscribers, so that as they come to learn and trust you even more it becomes easier to offer them more expensive items.

When an individual join in to your maillist, you can set it up in order that they are automatically delivered some pre-written emails at predefined intervals. This may be a small number of email messages delivered over a period of a couple weeks or maybe it's hundreds of email messages delivered over years. There is really no limit.

Choose email list provider

There are various service providers out there - some of them are free and some are not. I would personally highly suggest a paid service provider however because the free services can get shut down without notice. A paid service provider also in most cases gives more reliability, higher delivery success rates, more features.

Here are list of best email marketing provider
• Constant contact - Delivery success rate 91%
• Mailchimp - Delivery success rate 91%
• GetResponse - Delivery success rate 91%
• Campaigner - Delivery success rate 93%
• Icontact - Delivery success rate 91%

Develop a freebie

To be able to convince visitors to opt directly into your email list you require to supply them with some kind of incentive to take action. Your freebie will be something you hand out at no cost in exchange for the person’s email and name. This may be something which includes an eBook/ report, video tutorial, short course and so on. It might also be something as easy as you creating a normal email publication which is loaded filled with useful tips.

Your freebie must be best for two reasons:
1. To convince them to become subscriber on your list to begin with
2. To hold them there!

Your freebie can either be considered a product you have made yourself from nothing, or maybe it's something you can buy - for example a PLR or a Resell rights ebook. When you can you should employ something which appears unique, since it is actually a PLR report that you've repackaged and altered the name of. That’s fine absolutely! The main thing is that others are able to see that you are the only person they can fully grasp this freebie.

Build a squeeze page

A squeeze page is a straightforward one web page which points out whatever you are offering and then has a form where people can type in their name and email if they like to get it.

There isn’t a sort ‘which is most effective. The overall outcomes you get rely on many different things, such as market, the traffic you are getting, the products and so on

If you're new, I'd perhaps recommend using images given that they do a few of the ‘ offering ’ for you and the copywriting doesn’t have to be as nicely written. Should you be relying exclusively on the copy then it could be more difficult (except if you are an experienced copywriter!)

Your squeeze page will have few factors:

Headline. This point out the key thing people will be taught from the product and the impact it shall have upon them.
Bullet points. These increases slightly on what tips is included inside the product. Try to get around four or five bullet points and keep them short. Remove details which don’t have to be there.

Opt in box. That's where people type in their personal info and are put into your list. You are able to either require only their email or their name (carrying this out will help you to personalise email messages.)

Submit button. When people click this they'll be included in your list (although they'll still require to verify). I advise that you modify the words ‘Submit’ to another thing for example, ‘Click Here to Enter ’ as it'll increase your opt-in rates.

Privacy statement. It’s always smart to include a line to your squeeze page to tell people that you will take care of their personal details with respect. For example, "I highly value your personal privacy as well as your details won't be sold, rented or given to other people. I hate spam just as much as you do!"

Build download page

You require to make a download page, so that whenever visitor have join-in, they are able to download your freebie. The URL of your download page are going to be what you type in as your ‘Thank you Page ’. Which means that when someone has join in and verified their membership are going to be taken up to your download page where they can download their freebie. Additionally, you can insert a hyperlink to your download page in the first email of your autoresponder series.

When everything is completed, its good idea to go to your squeeze page, opt-in and make sure that everything is functioning correctly. Examine the process as a fresh member would and make sure that you are viewing the correct web page.

Drive traffic to your squeeze page

In fact, increasing visitor count doesn’t need to be that hard. Here are ideas:

1 . Soloads - A soload is as you pay someone else to deliver a broadcast email out to their maillist to advertise your product. The important thing with this, as it is with adswaps, is to find advertising partners wisely. You will need to ensure that the list you're putting your soload with has members who is going to become enthusiastic about your freebie. If unfortunately they are not, then they will not be signing up for your list.

2. Adswaps - When you’ve got a big list (at a minimum of 100 people) you'll be able to move to adswaps. The idea is quite simple - you find another person who would be prepared to email your offer on their list in substitution for you doing the same on their behalf. You’ll either want to get someone with an identical size list or accept to send email more than once. Adswaps are free of charge but are a powerful way to build your list.

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