How to improve email open rates - 9 tested tips
(Edited Feb 16, 2018)

With regards to improving your email open rates, you will compete to get the attention of your audience. And even if your competition was small, you still require providing the audience a convincing reason to open the email you sent rather than deleting it with all of those other unimportant emails.

E-mail marketing, is actually a numbers game. And you will find methods to improve your email open rates. It will never become 100% - even personal email messages get lost or erased by mistake, and even more with commercial email messages. Therefore, the only adjustable you are in charge is to improve your email open rates in order many members in your list opens your email the soonest possible time.

Change subject line to improve email open rates

Let’s focus on the email subject line as it’s important to make first impression. The rule of thumb is to make sure the length of the subject line around 25 to 45 characters long. If it longer than 50 characters, you may experience reduce in your open rates! As people use different email software and determined by these people are using, they are able to read just few characters per line. Therefore the safest move to make is making it less than 45 characters.

The next open rate destroyer is CAPITALIZING ALL OF YOUR LETTERS. This results in as if it’s shouting and for that reason it’s regarded as rude. Secondly, it’s more difficult to read.

The next danger is overusing the term “FREE”. Current spam filter systems identify FREE among the most common spam terms and it’s easy to come up negative ratings that might lead to your email filtered to trash folders.

So in the case you’re offering something away totally free, I suggest using different synonyms like: no cost, or no charge

Ensure that sender name stays between 20 and25 characters. Besides that, don’t put special characters just like *** to your sender name as unlike what it may seem, carrying this out actually destroys your open rates as well! It might seem you'll have stood right out of the remaining email senders however in real fact; this is nearly connected with other spammer process that use special characters within their sender name.

Therefore keep it simple; use your name as it is. And if the e-mail is delivered from a company, the company name will need to be around 1 to 2 words (ideally only one word, like “Groupon” and “Amazon”).

When sending away another email, turn it into a habit to set up some numbers. Such as: “Your $300 a day blueprint video”. You don’t need to add numbers in every email subject line you publish but it is more suitable that you turn it into a common practice. Additional examples are:

  • 7 explanations why I really like mini launches...
  • Why it required 3 eager man to kidnap a master …
  • How 3 words will get you any women you like…

Also remember that I deal with a “…” that leaves the sentence unfinished. From my tests experience, I found that email messages that end with “…” generate higher open rates than those email without the dot! You are able to say this is similar to a ‘cliff hanger’ aspect and if it creates enough curiosity your audience will open the e-mail to check out throughout the story.

I also discovered that the word BONUS provides +17% open rate improvement! That is the reason why I don’t want to use the term FREE. such as: “ Motivation DNA Videos + $997 Huge Bonus ”

Suggesting a scarcity aspect produced an additional +12% rise in my open rates in comparison to when I did not point out it whatsoever in my subject line. Such as: [20 remaining ] Private Label Rights to 4 Best-selling Ebook…

But don’t overuse weird characters. My description of ‘weird characters’ are anything such as this:

!!! How you can choose any lucrative stock with 7 magic formulas!!!

In the event that you haven’t noticed, a large amount of spam email messages commonly include weird characters that can't be read or interpreted. If you over use characters such as ! + - % it may also destroy your email open rates. In the effort of looking to get attention, it will not simply destroy your authority you'll get a great deal of un-subscribes as well!

Additionally, don’t compose your subject lines to trick the spam filters by using a dot in between your ‘spam worthy’ words such as:

  • Here's your f.ree product
  • $2,OOO per month gua.ran.teed

This will make your email seem less professional. Although it was appropriate practice a couple of years ago, I found out this kind of practice is regarded as phased out by the current email marketing standards.

The best time to send email

The email subject line becoming one variable aspect, the other is the right time. Many people often asked, “When is the optimum time in your day to send out an email? When you cannot set up that with sequential autoresponders, you are in charge regarding when you wish to mail out time private email blast to your subscriber list.

I talk about this outcome with other email marketers who had analyzed and monitored their responses; mailing your subscriber around 7: 00 AM to 9: 00 AM Eastern Time generates the best open rates when compared to any other time. That is right if your subscribers are primarily based in the United States or international. While Americans generally check their email inbox before going out of the home for work (or get started with their day off in this trend before work), Asians who are located 9 to 12 hours before Eastern Time have the contrary habit: they choose to rest and check their email messages after work.

In spite of this, this isn't really a shock why most product launches choose to release during this period. But it’s also interesting to notice that responses begin to decrease after 10: 00 AM - And if you send email out after 1: 00 PM, you will miss 35% of the responses!

Send out after 3: 00 PM, you can get rid of about 50 % or even more of your responses when compared to if you'd mailed out early each morning. If you are for mailing out an advertising email late, it is preferred that you delay the e-mail promotion to the next day, and email out immediately between 7: 00 and 9: 00 AM

Eastern Time or have risk receiving bad email open rates. And if you do a product or service launch, it is recommended to begin it in the morning instead of in the afternoon Eastern Time.

How about the best days to mail out? I came across that Fridays and Tuesdays produce the best email open rates. While Tuesdays is typically not a shock (as a great deal of product launches prefer Tuesdays), Fridays generate high email open rates because it’s nearly the weekend and people generally are more calm after working the week.

Thursdays and Mondays get average email open rates that are still alright. Actually for a few email marketers, they choose not to email out on Mondays considering the “Monday Blues” the overall people is having.

Wednesdays, in my own finding, generate the minimum results of all weekdays.

How about Sundays and Saturdays? After one year of examining the weekend, I've determined that weekends take the most awful results of all days! It is not even half of the normal responses on weekdays!

Therefore determined by your email frequency, it is advisable to choose just weekdays and stay away from Wednesdays when possible.

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