Tips to use Facebook to promote your business
(Edited Nov 02, 2017)

Among the fastest and easiest methods to sell products online, you can use facebook to promote your business. This social media giant offers three different features that you should release your brand. They are:

  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group

You're perhaps acquainted with your personal Facebook profile. Nevertheless, Facebook Pages certainly are a completely different beast and should be handled differently. Let’s jump into how you should manage all three of your personal profile, your page and also group through the early levels of your brand-new online business.

Use Personal Facebook Profile

This will come to be your best close friend throughout your first weeks of setting up. However, you need to deal with your Facebook profile with a whole lot of respect. If you don't, you are going to lose friends and possibly lose your account.

It is fine with performing a bit of self-promotion on your own personal Facebook profile. Your family and friends will probably love to find what you’re doing but make sure you don't doing it too much. Sharing posts in your Facebook profile is quite effective; actually, studies show that up to 62 percent of individuals read such posts.

Listed below are 10 tips you should remember when promoting your website through facebook profile

1. Allow your friends find out about your business. Create posts that exclusively concentrate on the business. You are able to set a whole lot info in a single content, however, it will be more effective to split them into several content, spread out as time passes, with each post having a piece of details. The multiple articles boost the possibilities that any special friend will discover the post.

2. When close friends share your articles regarding your business and their close friends like it or Have a comment on it, consider sending Friend Requests to those fresh contacts. If they acknowledge your Request, you've got new friends which will be viewing your share on a regular basis.

3. Use your capability to choose whether each post is seen by only Close friends or by everyone to increase your capability to use your facebook profile to connect to the Public.

4. It's also advisable to Let People Follows. Once you Let People Follows to your own facebook profile, you don’t need to accept people as Friends to allow them to see all your public posts. Additionally, you won’t get your feeds cluttered with the updates coming from all of your followers.

5. Often personal articles can get connected to your business. Your business can be a major part you will ever have, so it is normal that a few of your personal articles will involve issues which can be happening in your business. Hold those articles personal for friends and family, but don’t forget the possibilities to advertise your business subtly while doing so.

6. Don’t hesitate to make content to your own profile that is exclusively advertising for your business. That is an effective method to perform that, because friends and family already put their trust in you. You need to build that trust in brand-new connections. However, make it in balance. Even friends and family will lose curiosity in your Facebook shares if they're about only your business.

7. Whatever the type of post, when there is any connection to your business, add business contact details or a hyperlink to your website.

8. Constantly work to look for strategies to add a “Call to Action.” No matter what you do to advertise your business on Facebook, requesting the reader to take some actions which will improve their connection to your business is important. Some alternatives are links to bring them to your site or Facebook Page, to join your mailing list to get a useful report or other details. Any kind of respond to a Call to Action will give you more details about the chance and presents an extra possibility to get them to be a customer.

9. Use pictures intensively. A company logo, a picture of your business location, or a picture of employees included in some public support activity - any image such as this draws more interest and gets even more responses than text only. Include text message with, or possibly within, the picture to help enhance its capability to create interest.

10. Any professional qualification or perhaps award can be a subject of personal satisfaction, yet do not overlook it as a chance to advertise your business.

In advertising your business by using Facebook, you have a complete package of tools on hand. Don’t overlook the possibilities presented by your own profile.

Use Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are made for brands, business and other kinds of organizations. Facebook just wants you to market your business by using your Facebook page. Therefore, I suggest you should keep business advertising through your own personal Facebook profile to minimal.

With Facebook Pages, only those who have liked your Facebook page will discover your posts. In a way, these individuals have given you authorization to promote to them. That is a main factor about internet marketing nowadays - permission based marketing is a lot more effective compared to the old days of sending junk email to everyone. The good thing is that with a Facebook page, with more than 70 percent of B2C businesses finding buyers using the social media.

Here are 10 tips to use facebook page to promote your business

1. Build a web page. That is your place to start, so don’t wait. It is free, quick and easy. You could have a Facebook page for your business ready to go in under one hour, and you may refine it as much as you wish.

2. Include a cover and a profile picture. A handful of graphical representation of your business (a picture or your logo design, as an example) will generate brand awareness for that picture. People which have seen your Facebook Page may have a connection with all the information they have obtained there every time they see that it.

3. Include a “Call to Action.” On the Cover section of your page, setup a call to action. Also have Call to Action buttons or perhaps links back to you in your articles and in advertisements you make. Responses to a Call to Action create your group of fans and create different methods to market to those followers.

4. Include a description of your business. This can be the first place subscribers will discover details about the type of your business. You have two areas for descriptions - a brief one and a long one.

5. Put contact details to encourage potential customers to discover you. Include your address, phone number and url to your web page. Some businesses use a Facebook Page instead of a website. In case you have a website, however, a top feature of the Facebook Page is to get traffic to it.

6. Post on your own Facebook Profile to familiarize friends and family with your Facebook Page. Request that they Like your Facebook Page. (Another Call to Action! Approach)

7. Throughout your Page, interact with Facebook Groups which have the passions that you wish your customers will have. There is absolutely no better way to improve your business’ publicity quickly.

8. Get started in posting and do this frequently. You raise the probability of any given Facebook user viewing your share when you post at least 2 or 3 times each day.

9. You should never post only advertisements on your page. Your main reason behind creating the page is to improve your business, but an benefit of Facebook over most advertising tools may be the ability to create a relationship with potential customers. Provide them with reasons to truly like you. Provide them with informative and entertaining articles, in addition to ads.

10. Let other people to post to your Page. This gives a chance for two-way conversation with prospects - another part of building a relationship instead of only dispensing advertisements. You will find options available to get monitoring so that you can secure your page from unacceptable language, for example.

Get started with your Facebook Page to increase respect and brand awareness from people who come to your Page. That one tool can begin an rapid growth spurt.

Use Facebook Groups

The main element to be successful in marketing is getting a highly effective marketing message about your business to many potential customers. Facebook Groups is a great tool for creating thousands of people aware about your company, your services or products, as well as your message.

Here are 10 tips to use facebook group to promote your business

1. Look for Groups for interests that you'll hope your visitors to have. For instance, in the event that you sell camping equipment, search for facebook groups with keywords such as hunting, camping,, or outdoors. Currently, there are many groups which can be highly relevant to your business. Don’t think twice to sign up them all.

2. Post to those facebook groups, and do it frequently. Posting a few times per day is effective. More posts boost the probability that any member of the group will discover your post. As you might be signing up for a large number of groups, unique articles for each group will be unrealistic. Make articles that can be used throughout the entire groups you have joined.

3. Use pictures in your posts. Pictures get far more curiosity and results than basic text posts.

4. Add links back to you to your website or possibly a call to action (“Click to find out more” for instance ) with graphics. Your first objective is to grow exposure, and a big group of followers is proof that growing exposure. You need the group’s members to visit your Facebook page, where they'll discover more details about you, your products and your company.

5. Build some item which can be emailed at regular intervals. Whether in articles to the group or on your own Facebook page, you ought to have a call to action - Join My Newsletter, for instance. When visitors join that newsletter you develop your email list that may become a completely separate advertising tool.

6. You should never post only advertisements to the groups. Additionally, create articles that actually offer value, whether information or entertainment, to the audience. You need to develop a relationship with the audience which makes them even more willing to trust your business.

7. Whether posting advertisements or helpful or entertaining articles, address issues that your service or product will fix for them. Simply making people consider the issue and establishing an awareness that you could help plays a part in the relationship.

8. Use giveaways if you want to encourage visitors to your Facebook page. Giveaways don’t need to be expensive. An informative report that deals with visitors’ passions can be free to build and boost your Facebook fan’s curiosity in your business.

9. In most of your efforts, remember that your success depends upon building a connection with the people in the group and with the web visitors your Facebook page. It doesn't matter if they are a few hundred or a few thousand; prepare your promotions to individuals, not groups.

10. Always be Honest. Be sure, that’s your purpose, but don’t allow promotional puffery fall into fake claims. Assume that the audience will eventually become aware that a statement or a guarantee was false. If they grasp that awareness, all your work toward creating a relationship is at problem. It is far better to promise much less and deliver in each promise.

For a rapid growth in your Facebook Page’s group of fans, and a related growth in product sales, there is nothing more effective tool than Facebook Groups. Make sure they are a consistent component of your marketing strategy.

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