How to manage your own time - 4 useful tips
(Edited May 28, 2017)

The road to effective time management is made with a variety of good intentions. People have the wish sometimes, but lack the motivation for taking that first step and then continue moving up the road. This is what you should do if you are seriously interested in how to manage your own time.

A. Change Your Attitude

Here is the tip that lots of people leave unthinkable when they determine to start good time management. Sadly, not all of those self-help books and workshops include any suggestions about how to start to change your perspective on life, so you have the ability to adopt the fundamentals of managing your own time efficiently.

One of the easiest methods to start this change is making a listing of the advantages you will instantly get if you begin managing your time. Don’t make the mistake of considering that the list needs to be packed with a variety of remarkable advantages or big occasions. After all, it's the daily jobs that always give people the maximum satisfaction anyway.

For instance, your list could include rewards like:

  • Have more time to have fun playing with the children
  • Your co-workers will be more friendly, because they are not waiting you on something they have to get their project completed.
  • Your employer is going to give better salary.
  • You are going to feel more calm at the end of your day, because you understand there isn't a couple of outdated stuff to do every time you go to work each morning.

B. Start Small

It’s very difficult to break unwanted habits. That’s what precisely bad time management is, only a negative habit. Much like many habits, you need to begin with small changes if you would like to achieve success on the long run.

There are always a number of great reasons to start with the tiny things and steadily add more of the larger aspects in your new time management plan:

You’ll get more confidence. Nothing inspires people just like a sense of achievement. It doesn’t matter that it can be just one small change. The main thing is you made it happen. And if you made it happen today, tomorrow you are able to do it, and the day next. Every day you have the ability to do it again that one little time management approach, you will feel more motivated for making another improvement for the better.

• People will see. Family members and co-workers will discover you are seriously interested in learning how to apply effective time management, and start to come around and praise you on your attempts.

• You’ll learn ideas and strategies that may work with a few of the larger things. As you get better at the little duties that come throughout the day, you will likely begin to see that some of the bigger tasks can be resolved with the same methods. This can be a positive thing, since it allows you to brainstorm on ways to cope with different conditions by using a system you already have on hands and understand how to use efficiently.

• You’ll turn into better at putting first your action items. It will not take long for you to realize that your day went much smoother as you do Job B before Job A. Choosing just the right sequence for those small daily jobs will help you to undertake them faster and with more effectiveness. As a total result, you will start to build up little pockets of time which can be dedicated to other efforts.

• Your stress level will certainly start to reduce. The more in charge you are of your jobs and time, the less you are going to feel stressed and incapable to handle. This link directly back to developing a sense of personal strength and self-confidence within your capability to deal with your time properly.

C. Compensate Yourself

Consider it this way: in case you received a reward, wouldn’t you want to celebrate at least just a little? Moving ahead advances with learning how to control your time and effort is something deserving of celebrating and recognizing.

Of course , it is essential to ensure your reward does not produce yet another time management catastrophe that should end up being straightened out. But if you do some free time along the way home Friday night, why not reward yourself with some tiny something you will love, such as a glass of your favorite espresso or perhaps getting a copy of a journal you truly enjoy?

Remember that a prize doesn't have to be enormous, splashy, or costly. Since you are learning by managing of the small tasks in your life, numerous satisfaction can come from small things.

D. Anticipate Unexpected obstacle

Even the most experienced of time managers do not constantly hit the jackpot. When you start the process of understanding the concepts of ways to do a better task with your time, you will have situations where you neglect something or come across situations that temporarily hinder your newly found capability to get things done.

It is at this aspect that lots of people choose to determine they simply can’t transform and slide back to their previous habits. While you absolutely don’t want to ignore an obstacle to be nothing of consequence, additionally, you don’t want to let it to weaken all the improvement you’ve made.

Rather than burying the hindrance or letting it lose self-confidence, try out this third approach. Have a long look at all the conditions around the obstacle. Were there issues that you did not see from the beginning? Did something totally unexpected occur as you were trying to complete the job?

Being aware of what happened and why it occurred can be changed into a learning experience. By moving back and evaluating the problem as dispassionately as possible, there's a good opportunity you can find out a couple of things from what seems to become a failure in handling your time properly.

You might find out such important lessons as:

Things to clarify or information to double-check prior to you try out the same or identical jobs again.

• Extra tools or resources to put together before taking a job of this category.

• A more powerful procedure to handle the problem.

• Methods to lessen factors that triggered the problem to begin with.

Never let an obstacle to block you in your paths. Recognize it, study from it, and then move on. Understand that you have other activities that need to be filling up your time.

Understanding how to apply stable time management methods and attitudes is an gradual process that requires the acquisition of understanding, the application of whatever you learn, as well as the accumulation of your own experience. As you keep up to move ahead, your way to obtain all three elements will grow, and your capability to manage your time will grow right along with them.

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