8 Ways to train your brain for success
(Edited Oct 14, 2017)

If you are to succeed it is very important that you train your brain for success. This is a simple but challenging task that will require some self discipline and examination. But first, you must discover what thoughts and opinions you hold of yourself that are hindering your success.

Learning how to train your brain requires focus. Your brain is a very complex system that instructs the entire body. Just like your heart, without your brain, your body will simply shut down.

Here are eight ways you can train your brain to achieve success.

1. Consume More Carbohydrates
Whole grain foods are not just for vitality but also for achieving slim body and sharper mind. The brain requires high glucose to function compared to other body organs and glucose can be sourced from carbohydrates. Yet, not all carbohydrates are the same. Simple carbohydrates like sugar have a tendency to digest easily by the body but cannot supply sufficient nutrients. Complex carbohydrates on the other hand contain more nutritional content but take longer time to be completely broken down. Just make sure you consume carbohydrates that will increase the rate of metabolism which is required by the body - the brain most especially.

2. Solve Mathematical Problems
Another method is by doing solving simple mathematical problems. Mathematics is not just a subject; it can also be applied in daily life events. This can help your brain achieve long term success. Solve some complex math problems or even attempt the Sunday crossword. Compute how much balance you will receive when you pay in the counter. Calculate your daily budget!

While at home, perform some problems in your child’s Math textbook. You can also search the internet to find some intelligent exercises you can perform. These are great problem skills to enhance your brains firepower.

3. Read Books
If you want to utilize your past time effectively, pick up some books and read them. Read new books with unfamiliar topics. This is one method of learning something new that can develop an intelligent brain and also make your memory healthier.

4. Relax It!!!
Another beneficial thing that you can do for your brain is to relax and freed your mind and body of any unwanted stress. Stretch debilitates your brains power because it makes you feel weak and tired.

5. Listen To Music
There’s no perfect place for listening to music. You can listen to music while exercising at the gym. It’s an ideal example of hitting two birds with one stone. Multi-tasking! While you are jogging very early in the morning is also a good time to listen to music. You can listen to music virtually every silent and serene place you find yourself; your mind gets stimulated by the music you hear.

6. Reinforce It!!!
To reinforce your brain means to make it get accustomed to a particular event or situation. For instance, the first time you placed your hands on fire there was a simple program that was transmitted to your brain - hot. This stores a statement in your brain whenever you want to place your hands or any part of your body on fire you get a warning message “Hot! Hot! Hot! Don’t touch!”

This immediate negative processed result is programmed instantly; however the longer it takes for the pain response to get to your brain, the longer it takes for the program to take effect. This is why it is difficult to learn a lesson when the outcome/consequences of such actions are far off in the future; alcohol and drugs are best case scenarios.

7. Perform Stimulating Brain Activities
The main focus here is to maximize the usage of your brain in order not to lose it. The more you engage in activities that do not stimulate the brain, the higher your odds are of losing mental abilities. Watching television, daily unchanged routines such as cooking, cleaning, washing and more are examples of un-stimulating activities that kill brainpower. It is when you engage in the same activity over and over again; doing such can lose your abilities. To maximize brainpower you need to learn new things and perform different hobbies. You can’t escape your daily routines but make sure you do it in different ways daily. Traveling, playing instruments, engaging in a provocative discussion, being inquisitive can help stimulate your mind.

8. Play Brain Training Games
Playing brain training games won't take all of you day to do. You only need about 30 minutes to 1 hour daily for a full workout. It’s obvious that some brain training games offer exceptional benefits over other traditional brain training methods. These brain training games offer a set, multi-sensory performance that is certain to keep you challenged all through the process.
Also, you can relax easily knowing that these games are scientifically backed by researches that confirm memory improvement in the brain.

The benefits you will get from brain training games include:

  • The ability to increase your awareness and alertness.
  • The ability to focus better at work or while driving.
  • The ability to remember names, numbers, headings, easily.
  • The ability to think faster and clearer.

Engaging in activities that will help you train your brain will increase your chances for success in every aspect of life. It will also increase your brainpower. Make it a daily routine to train your brain with challenges.

All that really matter is that you can rewire your brain for new thoughts, beliefs and habits by repeatedly contributing to the new positive belief that you wish to get.

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