Making money in real estate
(Edited Apr 03, 2017)

Many people confuse to choose the most suitable investment for them. I believe investing in properties will be much better. Actually the risk to make money in real estate is not as high as the risk in other type of investment. However, if you want to start investment in properties, make sure you know how you can make the profit.

Why do a lot of people invest in real estate? Why do they continue to buy houses? A lot of people know that real estate investing is profitable. They already know they can making money with real estate and become wealthy if wisely purchased, and they can also pass their wealth to their future generations.

Why People Invest In Real Estate

Other than having monthly rental income, there are other reasons why people invest in real estate. Some of them are:

  • There will be increased rental property value every year.

  • As an investor, you can make improvements to your real estate property. You don’t need to wait too long for its capital gain to increase naturally. The value of your property can climb up faster than if you had not made improvements and then you can sell it at higher price.

  • If you don’t want to sell your property after renovate it, you can least out your property. You can get monthly profits as long as you have tenants in your property. So, the key to make profit in this kind of investment, the investor should buy the property that easy to get the tenant. Mostly, people like to rent a house that near the supermarket or public station. Therefore the rent price near these places will go higher.

  • Although rental payments go up during inflation times, your mortgage loan payments should stay the same. Also you can get more renters, because some people cannot secure mortgages during that time and the rent will go up.

  • You don’t need to use your own money to invest in real estate. The bank that will secure a loan for you for your real estate investment(s).

  • Real estate investing can be measured as a business. You can use the expenses to reduce your taxes.

When an investor invests the money that coming from the profit from the property they sell in another property, they can postpone on capital gains for real estate transactions in the future. More than likely, the investor will work on receiving extra equity and income from additional property rentals.

Using Real Estate Investments as Passive or Residual Income

As investor you can get passive or residual income from real estate you investing in. As long as you have renters in your property the money will keep coming every month. However, there are some things that you need to understand if you want to keep get residual income.

In order to start earning residual income with real estate investing, you need to buy one property first. Find a property that does not need a lot of renovation or remodeling and is suitable for renting out to potential tenants. You can consider buying foreclosures property.

You can buy foreclosed homes for a cheaper price, usually at auctions. The banks are urgently wanted to get rid of these homes as it will be a cost for them if they have them. You can make an investment once you renovate and make it suitable for living purposes.

If you keep with the real estate investments, you will finally making money in real estate. You have to build up your wealth with real estate investing constantly and not get discouraged if you have patterns of lack of rental income. There will be those times when the economy and real estate market will change. However, you will still be able to profit from it, as long as you hang in there and you don’t have to work a full-time job any longer.

You will have problem along the way with this kind of residual income. You sure understand that it needs a lot of money to buy a home or even more if you want to buy an apartment complex. The next step you should do is to maintain your property to keep the place look nice, so people will love to stay in there. At the moment, the banks are not easily lending money out to anyone. It will be harder for anyone wanting to join the real estate game.

Although there are a lot of headache, this passive income coming from real estate investment can give additional income for you and your family. Property can be transferred to heirs so your future generation can have extra income from rental property for their lifetime. The family can decide on whether they want to have a real estate agent handle the rental or they can do it for themselves. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the residual income coming in from the rental will be profit after taxes and insurance are paid directly to the family or trustee of the property each year.

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