What is real estate short sale?
(Edited Apr 24, 2017)

What exactly is real estate short sale? The short sale often happens when a property owner is going to go into foreclosure. They usually are desperate to sell their property and they are undertaking anything that they can do to get rid of the property. They have debt for the property more than the property is worth and are looking forward to having to get a check to the closing. This is simply not a thing that they want to do, however, neither do they want to work their way through the trauma of real estate foreclosure.

A foreclosure happens each time a mortgage company shows up and takes a property back from a debtor who has defaulted on his or her mortgage. What is default? The default is the case when the homeowner not paying back their mortgage payment. Generally, Mortgage Company will commence foreclosure process after a debtor hasn't paid back their mortgage for 2 months.

Before the foreclosure, the homeowner has an opportunity to prevent the process. They can, and often do, try to figure things out with the home loan. The mortgage company will often assist homeowners who may be struggling with difficult times as a result of losing a job or a few other tragic events, such as health problems. In a few cases, the mortgage company will hold payments for a few months or request that the debtor pay just interest. In some cases, this is effective to draw a debtor out of trouble; however, it is often stalling the unavoidable.

The lending company will push away the short sale if the house is on the marketplace. This way can buy a debtor a little more time, so that the house can be sold by them. For the short sale to deliver the results, the property owner needs to be willing to leave from the offer with no money. They'll not be taking money with them to the closing. They'll simply give the deed, the keys and including property will be taken by the short sale investor. This is actually the only method for a true short sale to deliver the results.

Why would any house owner let this to happen? Because they owe more on the house than what the house is worth.

There are a number of different explanations why this may happen.
They are the following:

  • They bought a real estate during the boom and the real estate actually depreciated in value;
  • They have already been late in their mortgage repayments and the loan is currently backwards;
  • They have done refinanced and borrowed to protect against their equity to the stage where there isn't more equity

When this happens, the debtor generally discovers that they owe a lot more than the real estate is worth. The instinct is to simply allow the lender take it, but many debtors do not like to undergo the trauma of foreclosure and don't want to see this on the credit score. A foreclosure takes a considerable hit on the credit score of anyone who undergoes it. It really is easier if you can sell the property by selling it with a deed than getting the lender take it. Your credit score will still reveal that you were late on your home loan, however the loan will be written off because of the negotiating influence of the short sale representative.

The short sale investor sees the owner of the house in circumstances where they're very desperate to sell and is ready to leave without getting a check. She or he also is desperate to leave and never have to sink any more money into the property. The house owner that has been sold in the short sale actually just desires to leave and not need to be concerned about the house any longer. However they do not like to manage the foreclosure process.

The short sale investor will buy the house at the last possible moment. She or he will have all of the appropriate documents and can do the job with both the mortgage company and the house owner to be able to encourage them to agree on a cost. The short sale investor takes a property that is worth much more than the money they paid for it. The initial owner of the house gets to leave from the property and show it to the short sale investor by deed, rather than going through an embarrassing courtroom preceding that will involve a foreclosure and can ruin their credit. The lending company is happy because they don't have to undergo the foreclosure process which will be more costly than any deal they'll get with the short sale investor.

Generally, if the short sale is going off without a problem, everyone shall benefit. However, to be able for a short sale investor to effectively deliver the results on their negotiations, they will have to know all the things that there is to learn about short sales. Learn all you can about the procedure so it’s possible to get a better impression on the lending company and can get a good negotiating deal.

The first thing you should know, once you are prepared to start with the short sale process is to get the perfect short sale vehicle.

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